9 Surprising Home Remedies for Angina

The home remedies for angina include the use of garlic, lemon, basil, honey, grapes, onion, and citrus fruits. It is a chest pain, which in severe cases can lead to heart attacks or paralysis of a portion of the body. Angina pain should not be taken casually, as it can cause fatal cases of cardiac conditions.

Patients suffering from angina need to be extra careful. Home remedies help in the initial stage of curing or relaxing the pain, however, if the pain increases, one should seek immediate medical attention. Chest pain and breathlessness are the main symptoms of angina.

The other symptoms of angina are a choking sensation, squeezing, burning, tightness and heaviness. In addition to these chest region symptoms, it’s important to remember that angina pain is not limited to the chest; it can spread to the shoulders, jaws, neck, and back.

Symptoms of Angina

The prominent symptoms of angina pain are:

Weakness and numbness in the left arm

Breathlessness and nausea

Chest pain

Chest discomfort

Chest tightness

Pain extending to the neck and shoulder region

Angina is not a disease in itself but happens to be one of the prominent symptoms of coronary artery disease. Around 7 million US citizens suffer from angina. It occurs in men and women at different stages of life, as reported by the Texas Heart Institute. Those who are smokers or suffer from diabetes, high blood pressure and cholesterol level tend to suffer from angina pain.

anginaRegular treatment of angina is based on changing certain lifestyle choices, medical procedures, medicines and cardiac rehabilitation. The home-based treatments are basically aimed at lessening discomfort and pain. In addition to this, another aim of the treatment is to reduce the chances of heart attacks. But basically, the changes in medicines and lifestyles are helpful only if the symptoms are quite mild.

As far as medicines are concerned, nitrates are the essential requirements for treating angina. Nitrates aid in widening and relaxing the blood vessels. Another commonly used medicine is nitro-glycerin.  It is available in the form of both skin patches and pills. The other prominent medicines are calcium channel and beta-blockers, anti-coagulants and ACE inhibitors.

Angina pain patients need to make changes in their overall eating and living habits. Changes in diet and regular brisk exercises are essential to keep strong and healthy. Cholesterol levels need to be controlled as a way of controlling angina pain. According to the North Suburban Cardiology Group Ltd., an angina patient can also follow beneficial exercise program under the guidance of medical experts to relieve symptoms and associated pain.

Home Remedies for Angina

There are a number of home remedies that can help reduce the pain of angina, they are explained in greater detail below.

Choose Veggies

Avoid mutton, since it is very rich in cholesterol. Similarly, the consumption of dairy products should be reduced. If you adopt a diet with less fat and food with less cholesterol, you can reduce a lot of the minor symptoms of angina pain. Also, eat more vegetables! Green vegetables not only control angina but also help to maintain overall health.


This is the simplest home remedy for angina patients. Try to include one lemon in your food each day. You can squeeze it over salads or have it as fresh lemon water. Lemon helps you avoid the accumulation of cholesterol, thus preventing any sort of blockage in the blood vessels. It is a natural deterrent for angina and angina patients should include lemon in their diet whenever possible.


This is famous worldwide as the best cure for all sorts of heart ailments. Taking 2-3 cloves of raw garlic in the morning goes a long way towards naturally curing angina over an extended period of time. Like the use of lemon, garlic needs to find a place in your daily diet chart to be most effective.

Basil Leaves

Popularly known in India as “Tulsi” leaves, this remedy is very effective in many ways. It is considered as one of the genuine cures for angina, not just a treatment for the symptoms. It is best to chew a few leaves of fresh basil leaves in the morning. If you do not get fresh leaves, then make a juice of basil, adding a few spoons or concentrated basil juice and warm water.


The effect of honey cannot be underestimated as an herbal cure for angina. Lemon squeezed into warm water with a spoon of honey, and taken on an empty stomach, helps to clear blood vessels and reduces the accumulation of cholesterol. Moreover, it also helps to control fat content.


These are known to strengthen the heart. They help to reduce the risk of heart attack, angina pain and increase the quality of your breath.


Raw onion juice might be a little harsh to taste, but if taken in the morning, it can help to instantly bring down your cholesterol level. Then, you don’t need to worry about cholesterol or angina for the rest of the day!

Citrus Fruits

Apart from lemon, which is high in citrus acid, you can also eat pineapples, oranges, and grapes to fight against angina on a daily basis. Vitamin C helps to control your cholesterol level as well.


Parsley has been recognized as one of the essential home remedies for treating angina. It can be taken in the form of either dried herbs or fresh leaves. It is also advised to drink parsley tea, as it has both a pleasant taste and aroma, along with being beneficial for treating angina.

Most importantly, maintain a healthy diet and go for regular small walks. This will help you fight angina pain. Incorporating these home remedies into your daily diet and activities will surely help to keep angina pain at bay so you can live a happy, healthy life. In a nutshell, in case you have angina, it is essential to know its symptoms and follow the medicinal and home remedies to limit it as best you can.

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