21 Amazing Natural Diuretic Foods

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Using a natural diuretic can be an effective way to eliminate excess water in the body, and can have a number of other natural sources to detoxify the body.

What is a Natural Diuretic?

A natural diuretic is a substance or food that can help the body detoxify and eliminate excess fluids. Diuretics tend to encourage the kidneys to move additional sodium into the urine, which can subsequently pull more water into the bladder and stimulate urination. There are also a number of health conditions that may necessitate the use of diuretics, including high blood pressure, kidney stones, diabetes, and edema, among others. [1]

While there are many prescription diuretics and more formal treatments, these can have negative side effects, whereas using a natural diuretic can be effective and side effect-free. As always, however, before adding new foods or herbal supplements to your health regimen, speak with your doctor about any potential drug interactions, allergies or pre-existing health conditions. [2]

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Natural Diuretic Foods

The best natural diuretic foods include dandelion, green and black tea, watermelon, celery, juniper, parsley, asparagus, garlic, hibiscus, leafy greens, and onions, among others.


The active ingredients in dandelion greens are able to increase kidney activity and stimulate urination, helping to eliminate excess toxins.


This powerful herb shares some active ingredients with prescription diuretic medication, but will not result in the same negative side effects or dehydration. [3]

Lemon Juice

To reduce bloating in the body and soothe edema, have a glass of water mixed with lemon juice! [4]

Green and Black Tea

Caffeinated beverages, including various types of tea, are able to stimulate urination and increase the rate of kidney elimination.


By maintaining the potassium levels in the body, and boosting urine volume, this woody plant can help clear out toxins in the body.


This herbal plant is known to reduce the retention of water and edema in the body by sending that excess fluid to the bladder for elimination.


Making ginger tea is an excellent way to detoxify the body, by stimulating urination and improving overall health with its antioxidants.


Alcohol consumption works as a great diuretic by increasing the urine output, although it can also have adverse effects on your health, so moderation is advised.

Nigella Sativa

Nigella sativa or black cumin is a well-known diuretic that reduces the sodium and potassium levels in the body and increases the urine output. It is a natural diuretic that can also be used as a prescription diuretic.


Rich in antioxidants, this fruit is known to be an amazing diuretic that helps in eliminating excess liquids and salt from the body.


This diuretic helps in reducing weight and also helps in improving digestion because of its great mineral and vitamin content.


Garlic, being a detoxifier, is a great diuretic that can also be taken in a pill form as a supplement. Although consumption of raw garlic is advised.


This member of the onion family also acts as a great diuretic that helps in reducing the excess fluids from the body.

Celery Seeds

This natural diuretic contains a lot of water and thus helps in keeping the body hydrated.

Black Cumin Seed

Popular in the Middle East, eating black cumin seeds or soaking them in water overnight and then drinking the water, can encourage urination. [5]


The presence of lecithin in chocolate is what makes it such an effective diuretic.

Stinging Nettle

Able to reduce inflammation in the urinary tract, this herb can also boost urine volume.


Aside from unique digestive enzymes, pineapples are also high in natural fluids and are known to stimulate urination.


Cherries are extremely high in water volume and are also stimulating in nature, which can encourage urination.


This fruit is highly alkaline in nature, which can drive more sodium into the kidneys, and thus stimulate urination.


This powerful vegetable is known to eliminate toxins in the body and boost urine volume.


Able to lower blood pressure and contributing valuable antioxidants, beets are excellent natural diuretics. [6]

Leafy Greens

High in potassium, leafy greens can balance blood pressure and drive additional liquids into the excretory system.


Known to be somewhat diuretic in nature, pumpkin is also high in zinc and B vitamins.

Green Beans

These beans can lower blood sugar, which reduces the effects of diabetes, which can cause water retention throughout the body.


If you are suffering from edema, the unique nutrient composition of seaweed can help draw out that excess water. [7]


With a high level of water and the ability to dissolve uric acid, this vegetable is commonly used as a natural diuretic.


The stimulating effects of caffeine can help to encourage more urination.

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