Useful Home Remedies to Prevent AIDS

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You may be disappointed but there are no home remedies to AIDS. With home remedies you can improve your overall immunity which is extremely necessary when you are suffering from HIV. There are several home remedies to boost your immunity. The most strong weapon to deal with AIDS is to have appropriate and safe sexual intercourse, appropriate early medical intervention for pregnant HIV patients, using clean needles during medication and blood donation, using sterilized blades & scissors at public saloons and beauty parlors, and general awareness about AIDS.

Home remedies for AIDS mainly refer to the preventative measures employed to keep this deadly disorder away. Today, AIDS is one of the most harmful and fatal enemy of human beings. In 1981, AIDS was discovered in homosexual individuals. AIDS is a step towards the destruction of the immune system by a harmful and dangerous virus, HIV, caused due to immunodeficiency.

Prevention for AIDS

To lead a happy and healthy life, the following preventive measures keep you protected from getting affected by AIDS:

Monogamy: To prevent AIDS, it is really important to have safe sexual intercourse between two individuals. Having sexual intercourse with multiple partners, sex workers and addicted drug users increases your chances of getting infected. Therefore, it is always suggested to keep this consideration in mind in order to prevent HIV AIDS.

Safe Sex: Using condoms during intercourse keeps you protected from getting exposed to the virus. Ensure that the condoms are good in quality and if a condom tears off during intercourse, use another one immediately.

Infection from Pregnant Mothers: It has been observed that if a woman gets infected with AIDS during pregnancy, the chances of the virus getting transmitted to the baby are reduced if the mother keeps herself healthy and increases her own immunity levels. Breastfeeding also transmits HIV (not breast feeding in general, but breast feeding by mothers who are already infected.

Nutritious Food for Increasing Immunity

Fresh vegetables, fruits, and lean protein, as well as whole grains are good sources of nutrition. Nutritious food helps in boosting strength, increasing immunity and providing high energy. One should resist the cravings for junk food especially while suffering from HIV as nutritious intake is very important.

AIDS is a life-threatening problem that occurs due to inadequate awareness and knowledge and can ruin the life of innocent people. Adolescents should learn about all the possible ways to cope with the prevailing environment of AIDS in today’s world, in order to lead to a happy and healthy life without fear or threat.

How is HIV transmitted?

HIV is transmitted through contact with an infected persons’ bodily fluids, such as saliva, blood or semen; as such, it may be considered sexually transmissible. However, it may also be transmitted via vaginal fluids and breast milk, and thus can be transmitted from mother to child in the process of childbirth, breastfeeding.Steps to prevent AIDS - infographic

Is HIV curable?

While HIV is not curable, it is a condition that can be managed well with Anti-Retroviral Treatment (ART). ART can be either a combination of medicines, or a single medicine (monotherapy) that aims to reduce the amount of virus in a patient’s body (by slowing down the rate at which the virus multiplies), which also can greatly reduce the risk of transmitting the virus. Multiple medicines are typically more effective than a single medicine.

How to prevent HIV?

If an individual has not been exposed to HIV, the best way to avoid contracting HIV is to ensure barrier-methods of contraception are used during all sexual encounters. If an individual has been exposed to the virus, and is undergoing ART, the same advice applies; it is also helpful to have open conversations about HIV status, where to get tested, and to support those who are undergoing ART.

Disclaimer: The home remedies for AIDS mentioned here or any other source must be discussed with your doctor or physician.

Reference: MayoClinic Protection Status
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