Powerful Home Remedies for Duodenal Ulcer

Home remedies for duodenal ulcer includes the use of bananas, honey, carrot juice, raw cabbage, food containing high fiber such as oat, barley, lentils, and fruits rich in Vitamin A like tomatoes, peaches and watermelon in different forms.

Causes of Duodenal Ulcer

The most common causes behind duodenal ulcers are infections, bacteria, and the heavy intake of spicy food. There are many people who usually categorize duodenal ulcers as gastric ulcers, but they are actually two different things. The ulcers which occur in the stomach are called gastric ulcers, whereas the ones located in duodenum are called duodenal ulcers. Do not ignore the symptoms of duodenal ulcers, they can be very hazardous to your health.

According to the research director of the San Bernardino County Medical Centre in California, nearly 5,000,000 Americans suffer from duodenal ulcers due to an improper digestive system and poor eating habits. According to the studies, it has been concluded that bacteria can be the main reason behind duodenal ulcers. As soon as the bacteria are killed, the ulcers vanish. If they are not cured within a few days, it can become a serious problem and might need more intensive medical attention.

Symptoms of Duodenal Ulcer

Duodenal ulcers are located in the duodenum and the symptoms can include persistent pain in the abdomen. The other symptom can be the erosion in the stomach and duodenal lining caused by the intake of certain food. Common causes can be bacterial infections, an abnormal immune system, alcohol, and anti-inflammatory drugs like aspirin and ibuprofen. However, some of our home remedies can be very handy and one can see immediate results.


Duodenal ulcers have no particular time frame as far as a cure is concerned. It depends on the continuous diet regime and the intake of food. To a certain extent, stress levels can also be responsible and can be a drawback which can elongate the time it takes for duodenal ulcers to be cured. Below we will explore some of the home remedies for duodenal ulcers.

Home Remedies for Duodenal Ulcer

These home remedies for duodenal ulcers can be effective on people at different rates, depending on the intensity of the ulcer or the underlying cause. The more you delay paying attention to these problems until later stages, the higher the risk of it becoming a major problem. Precautions need to be taken at all times until duodenal ulcers are completely cured.

High Fiber

Food containing high fiber such as oat, barley, lentils, carrots, beans, soya products is very good and effective in reducing the cause of the duodenal ulcers.

Chamomile/Dandelion Tea

Either cold chamomile tea or lukewarm dandelion tea can also heal any kind of infection. The intake frequency can be twice a day at proper intervals. One can have these on a daily basis as well because it helps to keep your internal system clean and washes away any bacteria, even if you are not suffering from what you suspect might be duodenal ulcers.


Vitamin A

Any fruit which is rich in vitamin A should be eaten regularly throughout the day. Some of the best examples are watermelon, peaches, carrot juice, raw cabbage, oranges, and blackberries, since all of these fruits reduce the risk of duodenal ulcers. One can have these fruits either in the form of liquids like juices or as raw fruits in salads or as a snack. Always make sure that the fruits are properly washed before you eat them.


In case of using honey, make sure to use raw honey. It is easy to find a variety of ways to include honey in your normal diet as well. It helps to reduce the inflammation in the stomach. Spread it either on wheat bread or mixed grain bread and eat it at regular intervals. Keep a habit of including honey in your regular meals in any form as it is good for health and helps protect your system against many diseases and allergies.

Words of caution

There are few things which should be completely avoided:

-Avoid smoking and intake of alcohol as it increases the chances of developing ulcers.

-Avoid extreme stress levels.

-Avoid consumption of anti-inflammatory drugs like aspirin and ibuprofen.

-Avoid excessively spicy food.

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