Does Nettle tea help with Neuropathy

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Nettle is a small plant up to 50 cm long, with a square leg with large serrated leaves resembling the heart, covered by the leg and sharp, sharp hairs at the touch of the skin itchy, while the flowers are small green appear in July and September, spread nettles in Iraq and the country Levant, and the Maghreb in several types such as Neroli Nettle, Nettle Nettle, Nettle Nettle Twi Kurdistan, Burning Nettle, Fetus Nettle, Kyivi Nettle, Fragile Nettle, Slave Nettle, and Cannabis Nettle.

Uses of nettle:

– Shampoo
And bring boil a quantity of nettle plant with enough water for a quarter of an hour, and then leave to cool and drain and cool and used to wash hair to treat hair loss and weakness of his locks.

– Nettle tea:
Boil two tablespoons of green or dry nettles in a glass of water and then cover and leave for ten minutes to intensify the active substances and then sweetened with honey and drink, a caffeine-free tonic and cleans the body of toxins and treatment for gout and rheumatism.

– Nettle juice:
Fresh juices from nettles are extracted in the spring.

– Nettle compresses:
Boiled cold nettles are used to make compresses on skin burns, allergic places, or fresh juice of nettles is used in such treatments.

– Nettle beer:
An ancient syrup used by the English to treat gout and rheumatism for long periods of time.It comes with a mixture of nettles, dandelion, gooseberry, and mashed ginger, then boiled, filtered and sweetened with brown sugar, then add the yeast and leave it for six hours and save it in airtight bottles for storage.

Side effects of plant tablets:
Eating nettle can cause some gastrointestinal disorders, which result from ingesting it in large amounts, with allergic reactions when touching the fresh plant, resulting in skin rashes.

Source :
فوائد القراص او القريص | موسوعة الاعشاب

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