Is eating melon everyday good for blood pressure?

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Medicinal benefits of watermelon

Fight free radicals
Thanks to the antioxidants contained in watermelon, it is a great source of vitamin C and lycopene, and free radicals are splinter molecules. Antioxidants such as vitamin C and lycopene intervene to limit the spread of free radicals, thereby neutralizing them and preventing them from causing cell damage.

Protection from diabetes
When you eat watermelon, the kidneys convert one of the amino acids into another amino acid. These amino acids have many health benefits, the least of which is protection against the development of diabetes.

Keep the heart
The lycopene, which is responsible for the pinkish color of watermelon, has been shown to reduce cholesterol levels and cardiovascular disease in people who take nutritional supplements or consume foods rich in lycopene regularly.

constipation treatment
As it contains soluble fiber and high water content, it helps to facilitate bowel movement, enhance the health and functioning of the digestive system, prevent constipation and protect the colon, especially against colon cancer.

Regulates blood pressure
The American Journal of Hypertension has published a study indicating that watermelon extract plays an important role in lowering blood pressure in obese and hypertensive people. Moreover, the amount of potassium and magnesium present in watermelon is very beneficial in terms of reducing pressure the blood.

Treating kidney disorders
Watermelon contains a lot of potassium, which is very useful in cleaning toxic deposits in the kidneys, moreover, it is useful in reducing the concentration of uric acid in the blood, thus reducing the chances of kidney damage, in addition, being high in water, Watermelon stimulates urination, which again helps cleanse the kidneys.

Reducing asthma attacks
Interesting new research indicates a link between vitamin C and asthma, as it has been confirmed that low levels of vitamin C are associated with increased asthma attacks, while higher levels of vitamin are associated with decreased asthma symptoms.

Weight loss
If you are trying to lose weight then watermelon is the ideal choice because it consists of fibrous content and helps to satiate quickly and also gives you a long satisfied feeling rather than relying on sweets.

Enhancing nervous system functions
Watermelon contains potassium which helps to regulate nerve function by facilitating the passage of pulses and electrical messages, a diet that contains very little potassium can cause nerve function impairment, numbness and tingling, if you suffer from leg cramps at night, it may be a cause of deficiency Potassium, too.

Early aging protection
Watermelon contains flavonoids, carotene and triterpenoid, which have anti-oxidant properties that destroy harmful free radicals in the body, delaying the aging stage.

Macular degeneration protection
Research at the University of London’s College of Biological Sciences indicates that carotenoids help maintain vision health, as well as beta-carotene, vitamin C, lutein and zeaxanthin, ensure your eyes are protected from age-related blindness and prevent your eyes from diseases such as dry eyes and nerves, as well as blue water.

High quality sexual tonic
The benefits of watermelon in strengthening and promoting blood circulation makes it not only depend on promoting the health of the heart, as it may be a sexual stimulant, as its richness in cholesterol helps to relax and widen blood vessels and thus increase blood flow to the limbs, especially the penis, which helps to treat erectile dysfunction and increase erectile strength.

Prevents dehydration
Research indicates that watermelon is 92% water and effective in lowering body temperature and blood pressure, and it also helps moisturize your body during the hot summer.

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Answered on March 17, 2020 1:23 am
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