Recommended dosage for kratom powder

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I’ve been taking kratom for almost two years. Four heaping tablespoons shaken extremely well with 2-3 oz of cold OJ in capped glass jar at 7am to self treat under active thyroid and/or my general natural laziness (and again after 2pm for motivation if I’m going to the gym.) I generally feel the onslaught of motivation after 45-55mins. Sometimes I’ll drink coffee or a red bull 90 minutes later to amplify the effects. I definitely feel more sociable and creative. I wish I had this when I was pulling all- knighters in college(Go R.U.) The only issue I’ve ever had with kratom was in the beginning. I didn’t know the correct dosage and took too much. I felt sick, but once I vomited, I immediately felt better. My son uses it occasionally for pain releif with his knees after basketball but at about half the dosage I use. I consistently feel the same increase in energy without ever having to increase the dosage. I stopped taking it once for a month during the summer to see if I would feel any signs of addiction. I felt reasonably tired and sleep more for the first 2 days, but after that no sign of addiction or craving for kratom. Truth is this stuff taste horrible, but it works. I always get Green Ma Daeng but read that the names and color are generally use as marketing.

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Answered on June 7, 2019 9:44 am
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