What type of milk is best for a milk bath?

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Cleopatra bath, the secret of eternal femininity and eternal youthful complexion

A woman’s body and skin need special care to maintain her beauty from time to time, and this must be applied by all women before marriage and after marriage .. Every bride dreams before the wedding day to get a beautiful and radiant skin and texture as soft as silk, and this is what you will get when The use of the milk and honey bath, called the Cleopatra Bath, which gives it eternal youth.

Milk contains alpha hydroxy acid, an essential ingredient frequently used in the cosmetics industry for skin care for several years. The source is often natural ingredients such as milk. Alpha hydroxy acids penetrate the upper layer of the skin to remove dead cells, thus stimulating the skin Alpha hydroxy is used in skin care to allow the skin to renew itself every period.

For thousands of years Cleopatra has used the milk bath and honey is a magical and very easy solution makes your bathroom 100% natural and healthy as it does not contain any artificial chemicals, and using the milk bath Cleopatra preserved the beauty of her skin and youth eternal.
How to make a mixture of milk and honey
• Ingredients :
– 2 tbsp honey
– A cup of whole milk

• How to use :
Fill the bathtub with warm water.Heat all the honey with milk until the honey dissolves completely.Pour the milk and honey in the hot bath.Lean in this bath for half an hour.Gently rub the skin with a coarse fiber or damp towel to remove dead skin cells. -Rinse the body when finished.

* Prefer to try this bath between 1 to 3 times a week.

حمام كليوباترا ،، سر الأنوثة الخالدة وشباب البشرة الأبدي | موسوعة الاعشاب

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Answered on September 26, 2019 7:56 pm
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