11 Effective Home Remedies for Yellow Fever

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Some of the home remedies for yellow fever include consuming cayenne pepper, catnip, fenugreek seeds, dogwood, willow, feverwort, garlic bulbs, and golden rod herbs, as well as activities such as increasing your fluid intake, managing your blood pressure, treat any infections quickly, and maintaining your oxygen levels.

Home Remedies for Yellow Fever

Home Remedies for Yellow Fever are as follows:

Cayenne Pepper

Capsicum, which is one of the fundamental components of cayenne peppers, has been shown to reduce the symptoms of yellow fever. It is particularly good at reducing fevers to a manageable level. Any fever can seriously drain the energy reserves of the body, so eliminating that taxing element of the disease can keep the body strong to fight off the infection and more severe symptoms.


Catnip, although it is not directly known to affect the yellow fever infection, it is well known to reduce various associated symptoms, including headaches, fever, and gastrointestinal disorders. Catnip can be a great complementary at-home treatment, in conjunction with proper medical attention and allopathic treatment that can eliminate the infection itself. However, as mentioned above, vaccination is the best preventative method for yellow fever.

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This herb has long been used to fend off the symptoms and lessen the strength of the yellow fever infection in various parts of the world. In North America, Native American tribes like the Cherokees used to make a decoction or a tea made of feverwort and drink it to reduce severe fevers. Just like with cayenne pepper, this can reduce the severity of the fever itself, which is often the worst part of the disease when someone is afflicted.


Another Native American remedy used with great success is willow, which can be made into a decoction or a tea, just like feverwort. Oddly enough, willow actually makes the body temperature increase and can induce sweating, also known as breaking a fever. When a fever breaks, it is a sign that the body’s immune system is working against the infection. Various tribes also used willow baths to reduce fever.

Fenugreek Seeds

This is often known as the best remedy for yellow fever. Chewing on these seeds or or brewing a tea from the seeds can seriously help with your yellow fever symptoms. Fenugreek seeds can clear up the fever, gastrointestinal issues, bowel disorders, and excess mucous in the bronchial tracts.

Garlic Bulbs

This is another very beneficial herb for the treatment of yellow fever. It can counter the loss in appetite by stimulating hunger hormones in the body, and can also reduce the high blood pressure that occurs from yellow fever. It is also very good against diarrhea and generally boosts the strength of the immune system to fight off contagious diseases. Garlic bulbs can help to prevent the shift from the normal phase to the toxic phase.


Another helpful anti-fever medicine is in the form of dogwood. A tea can be simply brewed from dogwood and drunk regularly to prevent any increase in severity of the condition. The bark of the tree should be brewed for this particular remedy.

Golden Rod Herbs

If you’re beginning to notice a trend, it is that the most effective remedies for this disease include things that help to break fevers. This particular herb is very good for promoting sweating and curing gas, boosting the immune system, and breaking fevers.

Fluid Balance

It is important to maintain a steady fluid balance in the body. This is essential for the normal functions of the kidneys and the detoxing processes of the liver. Also, maintaining plenty of fluid in the body can help stimulate sweating, which is the same as breaking the fever. Drink plenty of fluids throughout your treatment program for yellow fever.

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Blood Pressure

Since your blood pressure increases, thereby putting strain on your cardiovascular system. If you can reduce blood pressure, such as by reducing your fluid intake or increasing your consumption of potassium, you are in a much better position to recover quickly from yellow fever and prevent your body from entering the toxic phase of the disease.

Oxygen Levels

The heightened blood pressure in the body can squeeze the blood vessels and reduce the flow of oxygen to the essential organs of the body. Therefore, increasing your consumption of iron can boost your red blood cell count and ensure that the body gets the necessary oxygen to function normally. Metabolism and a balanced diet can help you fend off the infection.

A Final Word of Caution: It is important to remember, there is no cure for yellow fever. There are treatment options, but the only real means of being safe is to get vaccinated. Although natural herbal treatments are often preferred to allopathic treatment, yellow fever is still considered one of the most dangerous infectious diseases, so if you plan to travel to Africa or certain areas of South America, a vaccination is highly recommended.

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